Dear Soccer Community,

I would like to personally offer a warm welcome to the new home of FC Premier.  To our athletes, parents and supporters, welcome to the family.

We call ourselves a family because over the course of a season or seasons, the time and effort spent together usually equates to as much time the average person would spend at home.  Naturally our club and community act like a second home.  

I have had the honor of developing some very special and impactful relationships in soccer. I look forward to the many memories I will continue to collect through the numerous interactions with current and future members of the club.

Once a player steps into one of our quality training facilities he/she will feel a sense of place, belonging, due to the training they receive, friends they meet, and the peers they interact with in our vibrant supportive environment.  

Our club has officially been operating since 1997, and as 2 Decades have quickly gone by, our club has developed some of the greatest athletes to ever represent the game of soccer at every level of the sport.

The collective goal of this club is to see young soccer players mature into adults who will enjoy full participation in the social and economic life of their communities – developing skill, sportsmanship and the value of teamwork without sacrificing the enjoyment of playing the most popular sport in the world.

FC Premier prides itself on two key components as part of its development ethos; to not only create great players but outstanding individuals.  We proudly boast a strong and highly qualified coaching roster that can develop players, but more importantly, the club culture places a heavy emphasis on developing the person behind the player.  The lessons a player and coach learn together within the vehicle of sports and in our case, soccer, will only help to strengthen the character and personality of both individuals.

Our club curriculum will be elevated by a key partnership with Coerver Coaching and their Partner Club program.  This individual skills approach to soccer education will not only improve the player in his/her technical development but will help the club align with the new U.S. Soccer initiatives focusing on the development of the individual player. 

Family values, sportsmanship, fair play, honesty, integrity and loyalty are the foundation for the future of FCP. Creating an environment where players are developed to their fullest potential and have the best chance of becoming outstanding citizens, students and athletes.


The future is now… The future is FCP. 

Dave Sabet

Executive Director

Dave Sabet